Welcome to my humble explanation on Photography Techniques I am learning

This section is for using photography techniques such as "Light Painting" and "HDR" or High Definition Resolution.

     Light Painting means to turn out the lights, open up the camera shutter for some short period of time and "paint" with faint light from say a flashlight that is recorded in the camera say for 15 seconds then shutter closes.  

     HDR is controlling the shutter or aperture for some number of openings either more or less than normal.  I will write more about this as I learn.  At this time I am no sure that cell phones can accomplish this but will check into it and update this page.  As I learn other photography techniques I will publish my adventures, trials & yes tribulations 

     The simplest way to describe the different at this time is that in LP the camera is letting you adjust the exposure over a set time you have entered and your skills as "highlighting" those areas  you want to be brighter than those you don't such as the vase that is holding this rose.  

     HDR on the other hand is the camera controlling the exposure by you setting the "stops" up or down in the aperture or shutter.  This feature is really designed to accent more detail by merging all the stops that your camera will allow.  My HDR image below is 2 stops +/- which generated 3 images, normal, darker & lighter then I merged the 3 together in Adobe Lightroom and below are the examples.  Now I have to working on lighting to see if I can get the 2 features closer together visually.


     As I mentioned,  I have time on my hands too experiment with my passion of photography so I started late last fall to learn this features.  I cannot wait to get out in the rose garden this spring!  By the way please let me know which feature you like so far.