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About Me

A word about my interests


This has been a lifetime journey towards fulfilling a lifelong desire to photograph places & things I have seen.  I would also like to see my work inspire others to do what I love to do and that is photography.

As to areas of interests they range from astrophotography, still life, landscapes, nature, and the seasons to name just a few as well  as historical antique aircraft, (my father was a pilot).  My start to photography was back in the mid 50's using an old black & white film camera in Chicago & rural Illinois. What a ride it’s been so far and I am always looking for something to photograph!           

I am retired, but do volunteer at several Columbus, Ohio metro parks.  In  particular,  Inniswoods Metro Park in Westerville, Ohio, is one of my favorite parks due to the diverse horticulture, the blue birds, the rose garden and especially the folks and many Volunteers at Inniswoods I consider my friends.  Finally, growing up in the country, I have a great love for gardening  in general.

Thank you for visiting my site and viewing my pictures and hope you leave feeling inspired to try taking a photograph for fun.


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